Jim Hebbin has been into graphic design and marketing his entire life.

In college, Jim was the Art Director of a silkscreening factory and a published cartoonist. He started a desktop publishing company when the Macintosh first came out in 1984, and when his children were born in 1991 he became the Director of Graphics and Multimedia for IMPAQ, a corporate training and consulting firm in Orange County, California.

He developed his his first web projects with the University of California. In 1994, Jim went full time into website development and animation, building websites for companies like Toyota, Canon, Prudential Realty, and the US Dept. of Commerce. For Orange Coast Title his team built the first online title plant for real estate closings, and his company 10seconds pioneered a number of Flash-based animated interfaces as well as database-driven web applications to link front-end websites to back-end legacy systems through the internet.

In 2002, Jim temporarily retired to the beaches of Florida, where he raised his children as an at-home dad and authored his book “Vacation Rental Fundamentals.” He has taught classes on property management, land trusts and LLCs. In 2017, Jim relocated to the mountains of north Georgia to be closer to family and nature, and has reimmersed himself in computer animation and web development again.

Jim offers inexpensive hosting services and can handle website projects large or small.
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Jim Hebbin

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